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Your garage door has more mechanical pieces than you could ever imagine and therefore a lot of things can go wrong. The usual garage door consists of several components which include the door, a track upon which the door slides on and a chain and central control unit (meant for automatic garage doors). Even the remote control opener which operates the garage door can malfunction. If you have to open without a remote there is usually a button which is installed on the wall either on the inside or outside of the garage which you can press to also open the door. Consult with your automatic garage door manual and if you are still in doubt as to what they problem is check with repair specialists like Garage Door Repair Huntington Beach CA.

Carefully check the metal track which the garage door glides across when it opens and shuts. Keep in mind that if this track becomes bent or obstructed in any way it can become the source of problems. First of all make sure that nothing is blocking sensors. A lot of automatic systems have a sensor to warn if anything is getting crushed by a shutting garage door. If an object is beneath the door one of the sensors will note this and the garage door will either stop in the middle of a movement or it will automatically reverse back to open. This could be one of your problems and you should be aware of it.

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Carefully look over the main control unit which moves your garage door up and down. This is found near the top of the garage door where it rests when in the "fully" open position. Usually this control unit has to be plugged into a wall outlet for power. If there is a problem with getting power to it then this could be a source of your problems. You should always be aware of how many things around you can be the cause of problems before deciding it is the door alone and you must replace it which will cause you to spend a lot more money to replace than just to repair.

Get garage door inspected by Garage Door Repair Huntington Beach CA and see how it's working. If the door closes part way and then reverses direction and goes back up all the way you have to adjust the open and close limits. Lots of openers have a setting on the casing around the motor that lets users set the open and close limits. Measure the distance from the top of the garage ceiling to the garage floor with a tape measure. Then reset the open and close limits by turning the dial to the appropriate distances on the motor. Lubricate the parts in order to minimize the sounds that when it moves. Even if the garage door seems to be off track it might just be that you need to lubricate the coils which open and close the door.


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