Garage Door Motor Installation

Garage Door Motor Installation Service

Garage door motors provide the power to get the garage door go up and down. When garage doors run up against problems it is usually due to faulty sensors or remote controls. Most of the time when a motor fails it is because there is a problem with the wiring or position. Remember that homeowners usually have to call in a professional to fix problems when they involve the motor itself. First take a look at your automatic garage door manual and if you are not sure check with garage motor repair specialists in Huntington Beach to find out what the problem is.

Usually problems with motors involve the power. The motor supplies the power to the garage door. When the power fails then neither the motor nor the sensors work and the garage door won't respond to any of your commands. The reason for this might be that the power cord is faulty or that the power outlet that connects the motor to the grid has malfunctioned. There might be loose wires but this is harder to prove. If the problem is the power then the motor won't function at all but if there is loose or faulty wiring the motor might still function now and then making things frustrating. It is possible that it might work with the signals from the button but not the receiver which picks up the signals from the remote. Our technicians come and inspect whatever your query is then come to repair as it requires.

Travel limit is associated with the garage door and refers to how far it can travel down. Garage doors are made so that they fall to the ground and then stop. If it happens that the travel limit on the motor chain gets set too low then will continue to descend and the motor will register that it has hit an obstacle and quickly go back up again. On the other hand if the chain is set too high the garage door will hang open or the motor will register that is hasn't closed and then retract again. The important thing to remember is that motors were meant to be centered in the garage door. If the motor gets place to the side the garage door will tilt when opened. If it happens that there is no room to centre the motor then it must be placed to the side and in this case after time can get damaged from constant tilting.

Lots of times homeowners get a garage opener in two different ways. One of them is to call us to get repaired by professionals. It comes with the house when they buy it or they purchase one. Keep in mind that builders usually put in the least expensive model to keep costs down. Either way most times the engine is too small and wears out quickly with a heavy garage door. The opener whether chain or direct shaft operates by following a track when the door is lifted or closed. With time the track gets a bit bent from tension and this causes friction as the opening arm on the track moves up and down. The friction makes it hard for the motor to work and it will fail.

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